• Orders
  • Volunteers
    • How can we volunteer?

      Every once in a while, IISPFI will post openings for volunteer positions under the Volunteer tab of the website. The available positions are found at the sidebar on the right. Openings will also be posted on the IISPFI Facebook page.

      Prospective volunteers are to apply for certain volunteer positions by filling out the form on the Volunteer page and by submitting their CVs online. IISPFI will then review your application and will email you shortly regarding that.

  • Ebooks and Apps
    • What are ebooks and apps?

      Ebooks are electronic/digital versions of our print books. The contents of the ebooks are the same as the printed books. The advantage is that you can have all of Master Choa Kok Sui's books with you at any time without the extra bulk or weight. They can be purchased and downloaded from digital book sellers such as Amazon and iTunes. Ebooks can be read through the use of dedicated ebook readers, desktop computers, laptop computers, or mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

      Apps are mobile applications which can be downloaded on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. They can be about virtually anything. Some of the most popular apps are games and ebook readers.

    • How can we order ebooks and apps?

      Ebooks and apps can be purchased on external websites where the Institute for Inner Studies Publishing Foundation has accounts. Ebooks can be purchased via Amazon or iTunes. On the website, you may directly click the "Purchase" button on each ebook title and choose between Amazon Kindle or Apple iTunes. Clicking on the Amazon Kindle option will lead you to the Amazon Kindle page of that particular ebook, where you can directly purchase it. Clicking on the Apple iTunes link will lead you to the Apple iTunes page of that particular ebook, where you can also directly purchase it. This process will work with both mobile and desktop devices, although both Amazon and Apple have their own guidelines. Please be guided accordingly.

    • Is there any difference in terms of content between the printed books and ebooks?

      As far as content goes, the ebook is the same as the most recent printed version of the book. There is no difference, content-wise.

  • Website
    • There are no prices posted on the products on the website. Why is that so?

      Prices are only visible to people who have signed up to be members of the website. Once you have signed up, you will be able to see the product prices.

    • How do we sign up?

      You will see "Welcome! Sign Up or Log In" at the upper right corner of the website. Just click on "Sign Up" and it will lead you directly to the sign-up form. Fill out the form, submit it, and wait for the activation email. You may then log in and enjoy browsing the IISPFI website as a member.

  • Ungrouped
    • Where else online can we find IIS Publishing Foundation?

      Aside from this website, we also maintain three social media accounts:

      Facebook -- This is where we post general IISPFI news, announcements, events, and any other news in the Pranic Healing community. Job postings are also posted there.

      Twitter -- The IISPFI twitter account is basically an extension of the Facebook page. Any post on the Facebook account is cross-posted on the twitter account.

      Pinterest -- The IISPFI Pinterest account serves as a visual board for our products. You may find the artwork on our book covers there, as well as quotes from Master Choa Kok Sui.

      You may find the links to these accounts on the upper right corner of the website.

    • How does your Donate-A-Book program work?

      The way this works is that you donate a certain amount of money for the books, and we'll find the nearest Pranic Healing center in the area you want to donate books to. We will then work with the local Pranic Healing center in coordinating your book donations to the local school or public library. All processing is manually done.

      Should you wish to donate a book, you may email your order to order@globalpranichealing.com, and the person in charge of that account will get back to you regarding payment details and Pranic Healing Centre coordination. Please indicate in your email that you wish to donate a book, the country/city/district/borough that you wish to donate to, the books you wish to purchase for donation, and your contact details.